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What is Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is one of the basic needs of every household. Keeping your kitchen systematic, places a huge difference in your entire schedule. Your kitchen work is less time-consuming, considering you have everything organized. As ATMO believes in guidance through mastery, our multiple kitchens are designed using the given area by using every inch of your kitchen systematically. Let’s discuss what is modular kitchen.

Luxury at its peak, ATMO masters in making your kitchen feel perfect for you to prepare your meals in a manner that would ease your schedule. The countertops, placement of shelves, the sink and your cooking station are designed in a way that syncs with your method of cooking. We prioritize you! Hence, our kitchens initiate with a section to pick your veggies and other consumables, followed by a shelf of non-consumables where you’d pick out your favorite kadhai to cook your meal in.

This is continued by reaching the sink where you’d wash your veggies and moving ahead to the cooking station where you could start the process. The cutlery and other spices are placed at reachable spaces where you could simply pull out your essentials from these organized drawers and canisters.

Modular kitchen designs by ATMO are hands-down a boon to all of our busy lifestyles. Let’s dive into the perks of owning a modular kitchen structured by ATMO. Our design brochure has the following kitchen structures available for you:

  • L- Shaped kitchen
  • U- Shaped kitchen
  • Parallel kitchen
  • Island kitchen

Prominent features

ATMO is home to an array of kitchen gems to make your kitchen the best it can be. Right from the organizers, shelves, appliances, upward opening shelves to hardware and lights; we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of modular kitchen elements that would light-up your kitchen.

Why should I invest in a modular kitchen ?
A modular kitchen is definitely a worth of an investment that eases your daily activities. A busy schedule can be eased when you spend less time in the kitchen. Hence, here are a few reasons out of the lot why should you invest in a modular kitchen.

  • The kitchen triangle – At ATMO, along with considering the element of keeping your kitchen design compact as ever with the essence of luxury; we also believe that the accessibility of the cook station, sink and refrigerator matters the most. This indeed helps your cooking at ease.
  • Organized cutlery unit – An Indian household usually is home to plenty of cutleries and spice powders. Arranging them systematically is definitely a task. At saviesa, our cutlery organizers help you segregate your spatulas, fold, spoons, etc for an efficient kitchen.
  • Optimum utilization of spaces – We make sure to cover every inch of your kitchen in a way that is efficient at ATMO. The kitchen is no doubt customizable, along with specific spaces for every task to be taken care of.
  • Customized shelves – We understand that kitchen needs differ from person to person. Therefore, we make sure to structure shelves based on your preferences on where to place the canisters, cutlery organizers, cook station and other essentials.
  • Built-in appliances in your units – Appliances built-in are more efficient as it merges with your kitchen design. Moreover, it complements your kitchen along with ease of accessibility for you.

Modular Kitchen Designs

Modular kitchens have become more of a necessity than a luxury. They have revolutionised the way we use kitchens. A modular kitchen is not just about style, it’s a lot more than that. It's more about the design aesthetics and matching one's way of working & style resulting in smooth kitchen workflow. As a lot of time is spent daily in the kitchen, having a well-organised kitchen makes cooking a joyful experience. So here are our modular kitchen designs that will inspire you to enjoy the art of cooking.
Modular kitchen designs to suit every need

The modular kitchen interior design concept has been one of the biggest revolutions for homes and kitchens, perhaps after the invention of refrigerators. Not to mention that the 'fridge' became public almost 100 years ago. Now, that's been a long time coming!

Over the past decade, modular kitchen designs have revolutionized and opened new ways to plan and assemble kitchens. In addition to being stylish, modern kitchens are also easy to maintain.

The best modular kitchen design is the one which blends into the tone of your home and makes it more refined. What's great is that you can create modular kitchen interiors with a combination of materials, accessories and storage options. Your kitchen can be custom-made to any shape and size.

The word 'modular' means 'consisting of separate modules or units.' Both theoretically and practically, it lets you have a well-organized kitchen and offer numerous storage units. You can buy modular kitchen at ATMO by choosing from our wide range of materials, finishes, appliances, hardware, lights and shutters. Add to the beauty and functionality of your home when you buy a modular kitchen.

Our team at ATMO often faces the question of whether modular kitchens can fit into the new smaller urban homes. And yes, they most certainly do. Since the modular kitchen interior design adapts into any shape and size, they fit well into the smaller urban homes.

In a home with an open layout plan, strategically placing a countertop will imitate a partition between the room and the kitchen space. So, even if you have a small home, do not hesitate to buy a modular kitchen, as the best modular kitchen design is the one which fits in any home.

If you are still wondering if a modular kitchen interior design is for you, here are a few advantages our design experts at ATMO want to share with you:

  • No Mess In Your Home – The majority of modular kitchen design components are manufactured in factories. Indeed, this will eliminate the stress of living with waste, dust and noise. The only two activities carried out by ATMO in your home will be the inspection visit and the final installation. Every other step will be outside.
  • Custom Made For You – You will be involved in the modular kitchen interior design process. You have the final say in the layout you want and the shapes, sizes, materials and colours you like. Our experts are ATMO take care of the rest.
  • Clean With Ease – When you buy modular kitchen, you also buy assurance of living with an easy-to-clean kitchen. The modular kitchen designs are crafted in a manner that any food or cooking stains, can be wiped or cleaned easily. Compared to a normal kitchen, cleaning a modular kitchen is quite easy.
  • Made For More Space – With a modular kitchen interior design, you get more space for storage, more space on the counter and also more walkable space in the kitchen.



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